Get to Know Jurassic Quest's Dinosaur Trainer Dino Dustin

The world-famous Jurassic Quest will finally land at the DCU Center on Fri. April 29 and stomp through Sun. May 1 for an up-close and one-of-a-kind experience guests will be sure to remember forever.  Jurassic Quest’s seasoned dinosaur trainer Dino Dustin, gives his insight in this exclusive Q&A.

Get to Know Jurassic Quest's Dinosaur Trainer Dino Dustin

What is Jurassic Quest?

Jurassic Quest is a traveling dinosaur exhibit that holds over 165-million-year-old replicated life-sized dinosaurs that move and roar! We set up the dinosaurs in scenes that reflect the habitat that paleontologist believe they lived in. Besides our exhibit, we have many fun educational activities and rides for children and families to enjoy. We are the largest exhibit of our kind! This is such a unique event you don’t want to miss, ESPECIALLY now with an interactive scavenger hunt called “The Quest!”

What are the most popular features found at this event?

Besides the fact we are the largest event of our kind, we have life-like baby dinosaurs that interact and play. The babies come out to visit sporadically throughout our event and are definitely one of the highlights of our exhibit. We also have walking dinosaurs that come out to roam with customers. They can be intimidating but our Dinosaur Trainer makes certain that they behave. You will also get a chance to learn some dinosaur training techniques yourself! You won’t be able to meet these dinosaurs anywhere but Jurassic Quest!

What is a special showcase in your upcoming event at the DCU Center? 

Our guest will be able to DIVE DEEP into the Ancient Oceans with Jurassic Quest! Guests will be transported back in time and under the sea into an immersive and interactive environment. This new Jurassic Quest exhibit (included with general admission) will feature gigantic, moving, water dwellers from the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Neogene Periods, including the ultimate apex predator of its time, the Megalodon!

How do kids react at this event?

Kids are in awe the moment they walk in! Their eyes light up when they see these towering creatures! It’s a thrilling experience for them to see these dinos move and roar.

How did you become a dinosaur trainer?

I was always fascinated by dinosaurs from a young age. Dinosaur movies had a big part of my interest into these amazing creatures. Learning about new discoveries online and visiting museums and seeing gigantic fossils in real life just propelled my love for them. When Jurassic Quest toured into my city, I jumped at the chance to work with their herd of dinosaurs!

What is your favorite thing about working at Jurassic Quest?

My favorite thing about working at Jurassic Quest is watching families making memories together that will be with them forever. It has been a tough couple of years for everyone and I am so happy to be a part of something that brings joy to families. Children will always remember the time they saw the dinosaurs. It’s very cool that we can be a catalyst for not only interest in education and science, but a reason for families to smile and be together to experience something new.

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