Visitor Information


To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests attending events at the DCU Center, event attendees may be subject to a search upon entering the facility. Please note that guests with prohibited articles will be turned away at the entrances.

Metal Detectors

Security Screening (walk-through metal detector or security wand) will be conducted for public Arena events.  If deemed necessary, pat downs may be conducted. Patrons should plan to arrive earlier than normal, with their ticket and limited belongings, to allow for this enhanced security process.

Prohibited Items
Prohibited items include items which could be used as a weapon, unlawful substances, bottles or cans, helium balloons, laser pens, backpacks, knapsacks, luggage, coolers, parcels, briefcases, tablets and like articles. Any bags measuring greater than 14" X 16" will NOT be permitted into the arena. For smaller permitted bags, searches will be conducted. Backpacks, knapsacks, luggage, coolers, parcels, and briefcases are NOT allowed. For family events ONLY diaper bags will be allowed and will be searched. No weapons of any kind will be permitted into the Arena by any patron. 

Cell phones are permitted, unless otherwise requested by artist management or security. Tablets, iPads, and laptops are NOT permitted.

Camera Policy
The camera policy varies dependent upon each event. Generally, small digital point and shoot cameras are acceptable.  Cameras with detachable lenses, and video and audio recording devices are strictly prohibited from the facility at all times.

Food and Beverage Policy
Outside food and beverages are not allowed into the Arena or Convention Center.

Re-Entry Policy
No refunds or exchanges. Patrons are not allowed to exit and re-enter the facility during Arena events.


A note on Covid-19 risk:

Despite the protocols and requirements that we have put in place, no precautions can eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19.Traveling to and from, visiting, and/or providing services in and around the arena may lead to a risk of exposure to COVID-19.

COVID-19 is highly contagious and there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any place where people are present.  COVID-19 can lead to severe illness and death.  While people of all ages and health conditions have been adversely affected by COVID-19, certain people have been identiļ¬ed by public health authorities as having greater risk based on age and underlying medical conditions.  

Please do your part by complying with our health and safety rules.

Management reserves the right to alter these policies.