The Civic Center Commission is responsible for the care, custody and control of the facility known as the DCU Center, consisting of five members appointed by the City Manager.

Term: Five (5) Years; Expires October 4.


Lowell Alexander

District:  5

Original Appointment:  10-22-13

Reappointment Date:   10-23-18

Expiration Date:  10-04-23

Tony Economou

District:  1

Original Appointment:  11-16-21

Expiration Date:          10-04-26

John Brissette

District:  1

Original Appointment:  09-16-14

Reappointment Date:  10-15-19

Expiration Date:  10-04-24

Catheryn C. McEvoy

District:  2

Original Appointment:  11-29-22

Expiration Date:  10-04-27

Penelope Herideen

District:  1

Original Appointment:  12-22-20

Expiration Date:  10-04-25