Rock and Shock

Forget what you know about horror conventions and music fests because we’ve got news for you. MassConcerts, New England’s largest indie concert promoter is bringing you the 11th Annual Rock & Shock – the only event of its kind in the Northeast. 

We were the first to blend horror conventions with music. So while fans can meet their favorite horror film stars, directors, writers and bands during the day - at night we have well-known national bands performing each night next door at The Palladium…That’s why this event is called Rock & Shock.


The live music takes place at The Palladium and DCU Center. Bands that have played in the past have included Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Gwar, Misfits, Insane Clown Posse, Meshuggah, Type O Negative, Turbonegro, Mushroomhead, Wednesday 13, God Forbid, DevilDriver, The Haunted and others. 

The convention takes place next door at DCU Convention Center. It includes horror film actors, directors, make-up artists, costume designers, film makers and distributors, tattoo artists, toy and model makers, costume contests, horror industry professionals and vendors, comic book artists & vendors, film screenings, CD and DVD vendors, appearances and signings with bands playing the Palladium, models and actors in costume, and many other artists and vendors

Convention appearances over past 10 years have included Robert Englund - NIghtmare on Elm Street, Danny Trejo - Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn, Desperado; The Cast of Holliston; Tyler Mane - Halloween 1 & 2, X-men, Derek Mears - Friday The 13th; Anthony Michael Hall - Weird Science, The Dead Zone; George A. Romero -Director of Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead, Creepshow; the cast of House Of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects including Sid Haig (Capt Spaulding), Bill Moseley (Otis), Matt McGrory (Tiny), William Forsythe (Sheriff); and Ken Foree (Charlie); Shawnee Smith from Saw I, II and III; Daeg Faerch (young Mike Myers) from Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2007; Doug Bradley (Pinhead) from Hellraiser; Tony Todd from The Candyman and Final Destination; Andrew Divoff from Wishmaster I & II; Electra and Elise Avellan (Crazy Babysitter Twins) from Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse; Adrienne Barbeau - Carnivale, The Fog, Swamp Thing, Escape From New York and Creepshow; Jonathan Breck - the Creeper from the Movies, Jeepers Creepers I & II; Kane Hodder - Jason from the Friday the 13th Films; Jeffrey Combs - Re-Animator, House On Haunted Hill and Feardotcom; Andrew Bryniarski - Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw 2003; Gaylen Ross- Dawn of The Dead; Angela Bettis - May, Carrie, The Tool Box Murders; Ashley Laurence - Hellraiser I, II, III; Eileen Dietz - The Exorcist; The Cast of the Sci-Fi Channel hit show show – Ghost Hunters and many others.


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