As of 11/25/2020 all events at the DCU Center, both in the arena and Convention Center, have been postponed to a later date or cancelled for the time being. 




Harlem Globetrotters (originally for 3/22/20) - The Harlem Globetrotters tickets originally purchased for March will be honored at the DCU Center for the next performance. Due to current COVID-19 protocols, the Harlem Globettrotters are still on a break for their season. Refunds are available via point of purchase (Ticketmaster) or by emailing (please allow 7-10 business days for a response). For more information on the Harlem Globetrotters, click here. 


Big Gig- Godsmack (originally for 4/25/20) - The Big Gig WAAF celebration featuring GodSmack is currently rescheduled for April 24th, 2021. Please hold onto your tickets until further decisions have been made. Refunds and ticketing questions can be answered via point of purchase (Ticketmaster). For the latest information on Godsmack, click here. 


Five Finger Death Punch (originally for 5/5/2020) - This show has been cancelled from it's second date (November 2) and a refund has been sent to all Ticketmaster purchaser's emails. 


For Information on the ECHL Worcester Railers or to contact their office, please click here. 


For Information on the IFL Massachusetts Pirates or to contact their office, please click here. 


Convention Center


Brew Woo (originally scheduled for 4/11/2020, postponed to 4/3/2021- cancelled) - As of 12/7/2020, refunds will be issued to all who purchased a ticket to the beer festival via the point of purchase (Ticketmaster) within 30-40 days. For those who purchased tickets at the box office, the box office will be open on 12/9 and 1/6 from 10 am- 3 pm for in person refunds. 


For information on Convention Center events cancelled since March of 2020, events that have moved their dates into 2021-22, or to contact the original organizer of the event if need be, please email with a detailed message.