With gas prices rising over the last year, the Massachusetts Pirates have a great solution to save money while also enjoying championship-level professional football by offering a discount on gas for any purchase of season tickets for the 2023 season. 

Fueled by the MA Pirates Season Ticket Offer

This offer will give all Massachusetts Pirates season ticket holders a discount of $0.25 per gallon off their gas from the time they purchase their tickets to the end of the season. Season ticket holders are able to register one car per account to help them not only save on gas but enjoy a full season of champion-level professional football. Gas can be purchased at seven different locations around Massachusetts to make it more convenient for anyone to participate.

Pirates Founder, Co-Owner and General Manager Jawad Yatim speaks on the great discount: "We feel this is a beneficial initiative on multiple levels. This allows us to give back to the community in the sense that we are providing an opportunity for our fans to save at the pump, and allocate those funds to other expenses in their life, while also enjoying our product during the spring and summer months. From an organizational standpoint, this promotion will be a step in the right direction in terms of achieving our ultimate goal, which is generating additional and repetitive awareness for the brand. Our fans have watched us win on the field, now we want to give them an opportunity to win off of it."

Purchase your season tickets now and learn more by visiting the Massachusetts Pirates website or call 508-452-6277.